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Hold the Xylophone; Here’s an Upbeat Update

A new teammate has joined the project as a composer. Give a warm welcome to Oliver O’Neill! We’re banding together to jazz up the game with some catchy music.

During MAGFest‘s Q&A panel for renowned game composer Manami Matsumae, I asked how I could ensure that players would like my game’s music. I haven’t even played an instrument since I was in elementary school, so I’m not at all knowledgeable in music theory or composition. Although my question was too general (I wish I had thought of something more specific), she confirmed and emphasized the overall importance of sound design for games. Afterward, Oliver approached me and expressed interest in lending his aural talents to my project.

As for the game itself, while it has been progressing more slowly than intended, I’m planning to start releasing some teasers in the near future. I’ve purposely been secretive to protect the project from being shown to the public before it’s ready, but I’m eager to stop harping on about delays and start drumming up interest.


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