Still haven’t played Spitfire Sheep? Get it on iOS and Android!

Hey there! Have you tried Spitfire Sheep yet? If not, then give it a whirl and prepare to have oodles of fun! I’m Spitfire Sheep’s designer and producer, so you can trust my totally unbiased opinion!

It’s free to play, but you can also buy the full version for $1.99 (that’s only a couple hundred pennies!) to remove all ads, unlock all costumes (including exclusives and ones that may be added in future releases), and gain the ability to play offline and resubmit your highest score when you get back online.

Just grab your preferred mobile device to start zapping sheep and dousing fires! You can even share your scores on Facebook and Twitter for bragging rights healthy competition!

Click on the Google Play Store link or App Store link below to go directly to the corresponding store page:




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